Fishing Industry Services

Supplying quality products to NZ industries

Fishing Industry Services is a Christchurch based importer and distributor of products including packaging, processing equipment and materials handling products to over 15 industry groups in New Zealand.



Our specialist packaging products are aimed at the food export sector. Gel-based absorbent pads help meet high standards in product freshness and presentation.

We supply top quality pattern parts for commonly used processing machinery, particularly in the fish and meat industries. We can supply parts for many models of grinding and separating machines as well as skinning knives and conveyor cord for skinning machines. We also supply plastic welding equipment and high end marine searchlights.

The most significant part of our product range includes specialised plastic fish cases, plastic containers and plastic shovels for materials handling.

We have been operating for 40 years and our suppliers are world leaders in terms of quality and innovation.

Partnering with these brands means we can supply products such as Chill Wrap ice replacements, Thermasorb absorbent pads, Beck fish block liners, separator parts, skinning knives and cord, grinder spares, deboner spares, separator spares, plastic welding equipment, plastic welding rod, Cretel fish skinners, meat skinners, poultry skinners, crate washers, bulk bin washers, live fish transport systems and more.

Beck brand
Dolav brand