Coolseal Insulated Packaging

Coolseal recyclable insulated packaging can remove the need to use expanded polystyrene to pack fresh chilled products.

This can help you acheive your sustainability goals while providing a realistic solution.

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Best for large shipments
  • Food-grade polypropylene


When is Coolseal best used?
Coolseal is best used when bulk packing produce for air or chilled freight. It has a lower insulation value than EPS and is not usually suitable for small or individual shipments. However when it is block stacked in trucks or air cargo containers the amount of insulation is perfect!

This makes Coolseal best suited to companies sending larger shipments, especially if they want to add to their environmental sustainability record.

Coolseal has to be imported in large quantities to make it economic to ship.

Are Coolseal boxes REALLY recyclable?
Too often we hear of “recyclable” products that can’t be practically recycled. Coolseal boxes and lids are easily recycled in New Zealand, Australia and around a large part of the world. The food grade polypropylene used in their construction is able to be easily recycled and moulded into other useful items.