Hydrau™ Separator Parts

We can supply Hydrau™ Separator parts including: Pistons, Pressing Blocks, Seals and Cones.


Manufactured by TPM in Rice Lake, Wisconsin are hiqh quality, equivalent spare parts. We are able to supply spares for grinding, deboning and separating machinery, particularly those used in the production of MDM (Mechanically Deboned Meat) and MSC (Mechanically Separated Chicken). Machines for handling bone separation in softer meats like fish are also included.

We import these parts to order and delivery time is normally 4-5 days.
Please Contact Us for a quote or further information.


TPM – Thomas Precision Machining

TPM are a world class manufacturer of pattern spares for MDM, MSC, separator and grinding machinery. Fishing Industry Services Ltd looks after TPM customers in New Zealand, importing spares to order. Our customers get top quality parts at very reasonable prices.

Not only that, TPM look after the spare parts requirements for some of America’s largest meat, poultry and fish processors. The advanced technical knowledge they have gained is available to our NZ customers. Better yields, less down time, bigger profits.

The quality of their workmanship is the best and all parts supplied at least match the quality of the original manufacturer. Testing is carried out in their on-site laboratory.


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