Plastic Welding Rod

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Plastic Welding Rod is essential to produce excellent weld strength.

Using the Rion Plastic Welder or the Weldy HT1600 Plastic Welder and the techniques described in Plastics Fix Book is the right start.

Correct plastic welding rod for the job provides the ultimate joining strength, usually 90% to 100% of the strength of the original plastic material.

Listed below are only the most common types we sell. If you need something different, please contact us.


List of Stocked Welding Rods (Many others available on request)

Code Material Size Profile Colour Coil Length
RABS3RB ABS 3mm Round Black 50 metres
RPEHD5TB High Density Polyethylene 5mm Triangular Black 10 metres
DOLAVBLUE High Density Polyethylene
For Dolav Box Pallets
5mm Triangular Blue 1.2 metres
RPELD4TB Low Density Polyethylene 4mm Triangular Black 50 metres
RPEMD3RN Medium Density Polyethylene 3mm Round Natural 50 metres
RPEMD3RHR Medium Density Polyethylene 3mm Round Honda Red 50 metres
RPEMD3RSR Medium Density Polyethylene 3mm Round Suzuki Red 50 metres
RPEMD5TN Medium Density Polyethylene 5mm Triangular Natural 50 metres
RPEMD5TN Medium Density Polyethylene 5mm Triangular Natural 400 metres
RPEMD8X2N Medium Density Polyethylene 8mm x 2mm Tape Natural 50 metres
RPP3RN Polypropylene 3mm Round Natural 50 metres
RPP5TB Polypropylene 5mm Triangular Black 50 metres
RPP5TW Polypropylene 5mm Triangular White 50 metres
RPP8X1.5B Polypropylene 8mm x 1.5mm Tape Black 50 metres
RPPEPDM8X2B Polypropylene/EPDM 8mm x 2mm Tape Black 50 metres
RPVC5TG PVC Rigid Grooved 5mm Triangular Grey 50 metres
RTK Rod Test Kit – 40 Materials 3mm Round Various 350mm

Matching Plastic Welding Rod Materials

A mismatch of plastic welding rod material with the item to be welded will result in poor weld strength and weld failure. The best way to identify the correct material for your plastic welding rod is to weld a small test piece of rod on to the item to be welded, leaving an end of the rod free. Wait for the weld to cool. Grab the end of the rod with pliers and exert a reasonable pull. If the rod comes away from the item, you have a mismatch.

To find the correct material use the Rod Test Kit (last item in the table above). This kit has small sections of 40 types of plastic welding materials. You are able to easily identify the right material. The Rod Test Kit comes free with the Low Cost Plastic Welder Kit and the Industrial Welding Kit or can be purchased separately.

The Plastics Fix Book lists full material identification and matching methods as well as clear directions on how to prepare for welding and achieve the best results with your plastic welder.

See FDA page.

Welding Plastic is Easy

Anyone with metal welding experience can learn quickly and easily. Hot air welding of plastics requires the same basic skills as oxy-acetylene welding and provides a safer learning environment for those developing their welding skills. For those with less welding experience or no experience at all, use this Plastic Welding Video and the Plastics Fix book to learn.

We are happy to provide phone or email advice to our customers during business hours. This can be important in the early phases of skill development, especially where material identification is concerned.