Rion Hot Air Plastic Welder

$659.00 + GST

The RION is our most popular plastic welder.

  • Industrial Quality
  • Swiss-made, reliable and economic
  • Weighs 1.5kg
  • Free 12 month service


This plastic welder is heavy duty, robust and designed to withstand the most adverse working conditions. Heavy bushes, bearings and brushes plus an improved heating element make this Swiss-made plastic welder reliable and very economic.

Note the flattened handle shape for easier handling when welding in confined spaces and the simple electronic heat adjustment, suitable for welding almost all thermoplastics. The welding temperature is infinitely adjustable from 20°C to 650°C.

Plastic Repair Makes Economic Sense
Plastic Welding can considerably extend the life of all types of plastic products. With a Hot Air Plastic Welder you can:

  • Repair plastic containers – extending their useful life.
  • Repair most thermoplastic products – including automotive parts.
  • Fabricate boxes and tanks – to any size requirement.
  • Fabricate boxes and tanks – to any size requirement.

The accessories shown include a Rotary Burr to make a “V” in the area to be welded, a Tacking Tip to prejoin the plastic, a Speed Weld Nozzle to guide the Plastic Welding Rod and a Rod Test Kit for identifying plastic raw materials. There are many more acessories, making the RION a most versatile and precise plastic welder.

The Rion Hot Air Tool is warranted for 2 years to be free from manufacturing defects. Please note that the heating element is not included in the warranty as it is a “wearing part”.

Welding Plastic is Easy

Anyone with metal welding experience can learn quickly and easily. Hot air welding of plastics requires the same basic skills as oxy-acetylene welding and provides a safer learning environment for those developing their welding skills. For those with less welding experience or no experience at all, use this Plastic Welding Video and the Plastics Fix book to learn.

We are happy to provide phone or email advice to our customers during business hours. This can be important in the early phases of skill development, especially where material identification is concerned.