Searchlight SL170 Searchmaster

Self Stabilising, stays on target even in heavy seas.

Manual or Automatic Modes.

Auto Scanning Functions.

Connects to compass, AIS, radar and GPS.

Automatically tracks any Search and Rescue Transmission (SART signal).

Can track multiple targets.

Acts as an extra hand in the wheelhouse at night.


Searchmaster have developed a range of intelligent, self-stabilising searchlights that increase a vessel’s night operating abilities. This is the SL170, a 170 Watt version that will suit smaller vessels.

The light and controller are made from high end, mostly European, componentry and are designed to have a long and trouble-free life. Because all the moving parts are internal, unlike most searchlights, it is not affected by grit or salt deposits. It just keeps working. With an estimated 20,000 hours of life, the LED panels have the potential to outlast a lot of vessel’s lifetimes and be transferable to other craft in the future.

Whether used for work or search and rescue, Searchmaster lights require very little input, allowing crew to concentrate on the sea or the task, rather than searchlight operation. The light is intuitive to use and needs minimal crew training.

If your deck crew wear Personal AIS Beacons (PAB’s) your SL170 searchlight will alert you if someone falls overboard and immediately turn on and lock on to their AIS signal until they are rescued. This increases on board safety at night substantially. With the ability to follow the radar cursor, track AIS targets automatically or be locked on to a single point, no matter the movement of your vessel on the water, your searchlight reduces crew time spent on unproductive tasks.

Auto scanning on a predetermined arc and bearing also reduces the input needed by the operator.

For safer and more efficient night operations, please consider using the SL170 on your vessel.

Power 170 Watt

Operating Temperature Range -20ºC to +55ºC

Pitch/Roll Stabilisation +/-40 º

Input via NMEA, Compass, GPS, Radar, AIS

Output 18,000 lumens

Light Density 1 lux @ 950m

Ingress Protection IP66

Magnetic Safety Distance 0.95m

Dimensions 240mm Diameter x 400mm Height

Auto Scan Arc 40º, 90º or 180º

Service Period 3 yearly inspection

Warranty Period 24 months