ThermaSorb Medium Absorbent Stock Pads

These medium-sized ThermaSorb Stock pads are gel-based and have the highest absorbency of any pad on the market.

They are designed for use in polystyrene boxes or cartons of fresh or live produce. They are almost unique among gel-based pads for their ability to absorb useful quantities of salty water.

They have an excellent absorption of all unwanted water-based liquids especially with high levels of salinity.


When should I use absorbent pads?
Whenever your product releases, or may release, unwanted water-based liquids. Examples include blood, chicken wash from tray packs or whole birds, melted ice, excretia from live products such as lobster or mussels.

Why would I choose a gel-based absorbent pad?
Gel-based absorbent pads attract and lock in liquids. Although it is harmless to humans, gel provides a very poor growing environment for bacteria. The liquid which has been absorbed is no longer a source of contamination for your product.

How do they work?
An absorbent pad using Sodium Polyacrylate Super Absorbent Powder encapsulated between a sheet of polyester film and a non-woven fabric. It is placed in the bottom of tray, fabric side down. When blood or other unwanted waterbased liquids contact the fabric it “wicks” the liquid into contact with the Super Absorbent Powder. The liquid contacts the powder and is strongly attracted to it, forming a harmless damp gel. The gel particles are too large to pass back through the fabric.

See FDA page.

Thermasorb Data Sheet