Weldy EX2 Plastic Extrusion Welder

$4,099.00 + GST

A professional extrusion welder for plastic fabrication and civil engineering.

The Weldy EX2 Plastic Extrusion Welder features:

  • Visble overload protection
  • Quick-replace welding shoes
  • Welding rod ∅: 3mm and 4mm
  • 3mm output kg/h: 1.5
  • 4mm output kg/h: 2.2


Weldy. Simple, good, affordable.
Weldy products have a long lifetime and are inspected for quality and safety.


  • Spare heating element
  • Carbon brush for driving motor.
  • Second welding shoe
  • 5 meter HDPE black welding rod
  • Strong storage box

Operating manual